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Tuesday October 28
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Old Victoria Gourmet  Atkins Diet

Bagels on Broad Vegan Vegetarian Atkins

Cafe Teatro  Atkins Diet Friendly

Dutch Bakery & Coffee Shop

The Joint Pizzeria and Deli

Soup etc!  

Jamaican Jerk House Vegan  choices

Julia's Place The Restaurant

Demitasse Cafe

Choice Deli Vegan Vegetarian choices

Eugene's Vegan vegetarian choices

A Taste Of Eritrea Vegan Vegetarian

The Reef  Vegan Vegetarian Atkins

Evergreen Restaurant  

Ali Baba Pizza Vegan Vegetarian choices


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L i v e  E n t e r t a i n m e n t :
 The Blethering Place Spiral Cafe Jamaican Jerk House
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Old Victoria Gourmet Kitchen
Trounce Alley-Off Government St.- Downtown  Victoria

Trounce Alley-Off
Government St.
 - Downtown  Victoria

Minimum In Town Delivery $15.00
Soup of the day:
Oriental Beef Broccoli
Cream of Cauliflower Parmesan with Red Pepper
Meat Chili
served with Homemade Bread

97 bowl $3.50 cup

Lunch Special:
Salmon Salad Sandwich
with Soup or Tossed Salad

Today's Fresh Baked Goodies:
Scones, Muffins

Breakfast 9:00 till 10:30

 Fresh Daily:
Our Menu Items Feature Our Homemade Breads

Newest Additions of Fine Teas:
Buckingham Palace Garden Party,
Peach Apricot, Blue Lady

Check Out Our New Location:
880B Esquimalt Road

See Restaurant Pictures & Map

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Bagels on Broad
1294 Broad Street

Soup of the day:

Fresh Daily
Fresh Daily

$1.95  Cup    $2.99  Bowl

Sandwich Special
Fresh Daily
with Choice of Bagel, Veggies & Cream Cheese

Atkin's Diet Choices Available
Low Carb Bagels $1.00 extra

Vegetarian Pizza

Lunch Features:
Soup & Bagel with Cream Cheese

Soup & Bagel with Butter

Add a Cup of Soup to any Sandwich:

Potato, Pasta or Fruit Salad

Green Salad

Most of our Bagels are Vegan and no fat is added
Majority of our Cream Cheese is low fat
Organic Certified Fair Trade Coffee is Available

see our restaurant website & street map

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Crępe De Paris Cafe
1313 Douglas Street, Victoria, B.C.

Lunch Specials:
including salad  $6.95

French Crępe
Chicken Breast in a white sauce with artichoke and sweet red peppers

Mexican Crępe
Guacamole, chicken in a chunky salsa

Feel Like Breakfast
Ham, egg and cheese "classic crepe"

Grilled Panini
French bread grilled sandwich
with Ham, cheese and tomato

Dessert Crępe Specials:
Cherries Crępe $5.95
 Apple and Carmel Crępe $5.95
 Banana Chocolate Coconut Rhum Crępe $6.95
 Brie Pear and Walnuts Crępe $6.95

 Crepe De Paris sandwich & catering
See Cafe Photos, Menu & Map

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A Taste Of Eritrea
East African Cuisine

762 Broughton Street, Victoria, B.C.

Lunch Features: 
Combo's - All Combos served with Ingera
 (Flat Round Bread)$7.95

Combo A- Beef
Kilwa, Tumtumo, Hamli, Tumtumo  Berebere
& Alecha

Combo B - Chicken
Zebhi Dorho, Alecha, Hamli, Tumtumo,
 & Tumtumo Berebere

Combo C -Vegetarian
Tumtumo, Tumtumo Berebere, Alecha & Hamli

Side Orders: $1.50
Samosa,  Beef or Veggie
 Hambasha (only available on weekends)

see this restaurants menu & street map

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The Reef Caribbean Restaurant
533 Yates Street, Victoria, BC

Soup of the day:
Our Specialty: Roasted Root Vegetable Mango
Fresh Daily
Small $4.00     Large $6.00

Daily Lunch Special Blaff:
with Soup, Salad or Plantain Chips 


Vegan Special:
Vegetable Curry,
Chutney, Coleslaw, Dahi & White Rice

Soup and Salad Special:
Caesar, Spinach or Green Salad with Daily Soup

 Ask About Our Many Atkins Friendly Choices

see our restaurants website & street map

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The Dutch Bakery & Coffee Shop
718  Fort Street, Victoria, B.C.

Meatball Noodle Vegetable
Cup $2.00  Bowl $2.35

California Wrap
Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Mayo & Cheddar

Club House Wrap
Lettuce, Turkey, Bacon & Cheese

All Day Special:
Danish and Coffee

see our website and street map

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Cafe Teatro
990 Blanshard Street, Victoria, BC

Soup of the day:

Fresh Daily

Lunch Features Ho

Choose from a Wide Variety of Mediterranean Style

Crustless Quiche(*)

(*) Atkins Friendly Specials:
Many of Our Specials are available as Atkins Friendly

Lunch Features Cold:
Salads and Wraps

California Wrap Available Everyday
All Cold Wraps Served With:
Green Salad, Soup, Potato Salad or Coleslaw

1/2 $6.25 Full $7.25

see this restaurants street map

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1280 Broad Street, Victoria, BC

Lunch Features:
Wrapped in Pita Bread with tomatoes,
Onions and Tzatziki sauce

Lamb or Chicken Souvlaki

Vegetarian Souvlaki

Gyros Donair
Spicy Beef Wrapped in Pita Bread
with Tomatoes, Onions and Tzatziki sauce

Kalamarakia (deep fried squid)

Keftedakia (Greek Meatballs)

Greek Salad

Combinations $6.00 - $9.00

View this restaurants street map

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Jamaican Jerk House
607 Pandora Street, Victoria BC (Vic - Plaza Hotel)


Soup of the day:
Beef, Vegetable, Chicken or Goat

In a Hurry? Try our New
Daily Lunch Buffet: 12 - 2pm Everyday
Jerk: Chicken, Fish & Tofu
Calalloo (Jamaican green leafy dish)
Rice & Peas:
(Kidney beans cooked with rice in coconut milk)
Salad & Festival (Jamaican Bread)
First 10 customers receive 20% discount

Friday Chicken Buffet 5pm - 8pm
Followed by Music

see this restaurants website & street map

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Restaurant Name

Soup of the day:

Lunch Feature:
item  $0.00

You could be here

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Ali Baba Pizza
1011 Blanshard Street, Victoria, BC

Fresh Gourmet Feature Pizzas:
$4.00 per giant wedge
Whole 2 for 1  Pizzas prices:
Small $19.21   Medium $24.56   Large $28.84

(Pepperoni, Salami, Ham, Beef
 & Italian Sausage)
(Mushroom, Feta, Green Peppers, Onions,
 Tomatoes, Black Olives & Pineapple)
(Pesto Sauce Spinach, Artichoke Hearts, Sun Dried  Tomatoes, Feta & Garlic)
(Jalapeńos, Green Pepper, Tomato, Onions and your choice of Chicken or Ground Beef)

Daily Special Pizza:

Vegan Soy Cheese for those that don't do the moo

see this restaurants street map

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 Demitasse Cafe
1320 Blanchard Street, Victoria, B.C.

Soup of the day:

Homemade (large) with Rustic Toast

Daily Omelette:
With Choice of Side

Daily Sandwich:
served with Choice of Side

Daily Salad:

Now Featuring Free Range Eggs

see cafe street map

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Julia's Place the Restaurant
609 Courtney, Victoria, B.C.

Lunch Features:
Fresh Halibut & Chips

Spaghetti Bolognaise & Meat Balls

see this restaurants pictures, menu & map

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Soup etc!
G28 - 1001 Douglas Street,
Victoria, BC

Soup of the day:
Eight Soups Daily

Lunch Features:
Soup & 1/2 Sandwich

Soup & Any Salad 

Stew/Chili & 1/2 Sandwich

Stew/Chili & Salad

Breakfast Sandwich

no preservatives are used in our soups

see restaurant street map

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Choice Deli and Snack Bar
727 Johnson Street, Victoria, BC

Lunch Features:
Vegetarian Delight Sandwich
(can be made Vegan)

Veggie Wrap
Feta, Edam, Cream Cheese, Tomato, Carrots
Spinach and Lettuce with Caesar Dressing

Home Cooked Chicken Sandwich
Home Cooked Beef Sandwich

Hot Off The Grill:
includes your choice of Salad or Soup
Clubhouse Supreme
The Ultimate Baron of Beef
Monolo's Reuben

All prices include GST

see this restaurant streetmap

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The Joint Pizzeria & Deli
1219 Wharf Street

Lunch Features:
Personal Pizza Slices
Up to Four Toppings
one Slice  $3.25      two slices   $5.00

Panini Sandwiches
Grilled and Served Hot
Add a Side Salad for $1.25

Small $2.50   Large  $4.50

Small  $1.20    Medium  $2.25    Large  $3.25

We serve organic coffee

see our restaurant street map

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Evergreen Restaurant
435 Simcoe Street, Victoria, B.C.

Opening under New Management

Soup of the day:

Italian Wedding
Country Potato
 Cup $2.25    Bowl $3.25

Lunch Feature
Shrimp Melt
With French Fries or Onion Rings or
Green Salad or Coleslaw or Potato Salad
and a Cup of Soup

Weekend Dinner Specials: $9.95

see restaurants website & street map

Restaurant Name

Soup of the day:

Lunch Feature:
item  $0.00

You could be here

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