The Old Victoria Gourmet Kitchen
1215 Government Street (Downstairs in Trounce Alley)
Victoria, BC    (250) 388-6380

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C a t e r i n g   M e n u

    Corporate Luncheons       Weddings        Special Occasions       Party Platters


Marinated Sesame Thai Prawns     $14.50/dozen

Scallops & Water Chestnuts wrapped in Bacon    $12.50/dozen

Cocktail Sausage Rolls   $9.85/dozen

Chicken Wings , Barbecue, Teriyaki or Honey Garlic   $9.95/dozen

Devilled Eggs - Plain or Curried     $8.00/dozen

Miniature Quiches - Lorraine or Spinach, Feta & Onion   $9. 00/dozen

Spinach Dip served in Sourdough Loaf    $28.00/Loaf


Greek Salad ~ Long English cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions, green peppers it-
Feta cheese tossed in a light vinaigrette.  $1.95/person

Curried Rice ~ long grained rice, carrots, celery, peas, red peppers & onions in a
mild sweet curry dressing.  $1.50/person

Caesar - Crisp Romaine, a creamy dressing and our own Focaccia croutons  $1.65/person

Tossed Greens , garnished greens & vegetables with your choice of one of our
 house dressings.   $1.65/person

Fruit Salad , band prepared selection of fresh seasonal fruit.   $2.25/person

Baked Potato Salad , a twist. with cheese, bacon, green onions 6- sour cream.  $1.95/person

Old fashioned Potato Salad ~ just like mom makes.   $1.75/person

Tri-color Rotini Pasta Salad , with marinated diced vegetables mixed in our special dressing.   $1.85/person

Oriental Noodle Salad, an array of fresh vegetables marinated to perfection and tossed with
sesame ginger dressing and oriental noodles.  $1.95/person


Luncheon Sandwiches - Made on our own Focaccia bread with a selection of toppings including
Black Forest ham roast beef, deli chicken, cheese, egg salad, and tuna salad
Other breads available upon request. $5.00/person

Tea Sandwiches , A variety of rolled and layered finger sandwiches made with white
and whole-wheat breads.   $5.25/person

Vegetables & Dip , a selection of seasonal crudites presented with your choice of yogurt dill,
curried honey mustard or french onion dip.  $1.50/person

Fresh Fruit ~ an array of fresh seasonal fruits  $3.25/person

Cheese 6- Crackers - a minimum of  three types of cheese with a variety of crisp breads.

Fruit, Cheese & Crackers , three cheeses of your choice garnished with fresh seasonal fruit
and crisp breads.  $3.75/person

Cold Meats with Relish - cold cut meats served with a selection of pickles.  $3.05/person

Assorted Soft and Crisp Breads  $0.65/person


Greek chicken Stuffed Pitas - pitas stuffed with Caesar salad, chicken breast and topped
 with Greek relish.  $5.00/person

Calzone - pizza bread pockets stuffed with filling and baked.  $5.00/person

Baked Lasagne - rich meat or vegetarian sauce layered with cottage cheese and spinach.
 Includes bread  $4.75/person

Shepherds Pie - layers of hearty meat and whipped potatoes.  $4.25/person

Wraps - Curried Chicken, Veggie, and Thai Beef   $4.1 $4.75/person

Quiche - Lorraine or Spinach & Feta cheese.  $4.25/person

Pizza - Deluxe or Spinach & Feta   $4.50/person


Muffins & Scones , a variety of our own freshly baked muffins and scones,
served with butter and preserves.   $1.50/person

Desserts & Sweets

Starting at $0.98/person

Cold Beverages    $1.4 0/person
Coffee or Tea   $1.50/person

We would be delighted to discuss your custom menu

A Surcharge of 10% will be charge&, on orders of five or less people (delivered only)
 Surcharge of 10% on orders received with less than 24 hrs notice.
 Forty-eight hours notice on all orders is appreciated.
We will do our best to accommodate orders with less notice.
Volume discounts
Prices subject to change
 Gratuity and GST not included in prices

Contact John or Heather to book your special occasion today   250-388-6383