the Old Victoria Gourmet Kitchen
Victoria, BC


Main Entrance to the Gourmet Kitchen
in Trounce Alley.  Open Monday thru Friday from 9:AM to 4:PM.

Catering accounts for approximately 50% of the business.  The other 50% is made up of restaurant service which is mostly business lunches. 

The front counter is an antique display case.

A large selection of international gourmet teas are carried.

Eight flavours of ice cream are always available.

The main dining  area.

We like to think Her Majesty would approve.

A closer look at the teas from around the world that we keep in stock.

Today's feature in the display case.

Front patio seating area.

Trounce Alley in the Heart of Downtown Victoria, British Columbia.  Victoria is the Capitol City of British Columbia and is a very popular tourist spot with visitors from all around the world.