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Spiral Cafe
418 Craigflower Road, Victoria, B.C.
                               (250) 386-9303                  
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Mon. & Wed.: 7am - 9:30 pm     Tues. & Thurs.: 7am - 9:00pm   Friday: 7am - 10pm
    Sat. : 8am - 10pm        Sunday: 9am - 6pm

L i v e  E n t e r t a i n m e n t :
(No Cover Charge)

Sunday Mornings:  Bring the kids with you for story time  10:30am 11:30am                
  Every Monday: The Spiral Groove  "Old Time String Band Music"  7pm - 9:30pm 
  *Every Tuesday: The return of Foot Foot the poet's support group.
  7pm - 9pm 
  (Unless otherwise announced*)

 *Every Wed. Victoria Swing Orchestra  7:30pm - 9:30pm  (Unless otherwise announced*)

Every Thursday: Open Mike Night hosted by Caleb
Come down and sign up

Fri, October 24: Thomas Radcliffe with Elisa Hartman "Fine folk tunes."
8pm - 10pm 
By Donation

Sat, October 25: Megan Lane with Poet Taylor Leedahl "Evening of words and sounds."
8pm - 10pm 
By Donation


Funky Decor and Seating

Serving only high quality
organic coffees


We offer a choice of tasty soups

Bakery Items imported daily
from Victoria's finest bakeries

Espresso bar for those who love
organic specialty coffees

The atmosphere is enhanced by 
sitting in surroundings draped
in local artwork.

Bring the kids with you on Sunday
morning for story time from 10:30-11:30

We often have live entertainment on Friday, Saturday and Sunday Evenings at 8pm
(No Cover Charge)  call
386-9303 for details  or email

 C h i l d r e n  o f  C e l e b r i t i e s

The pictures tell the story. If you like
stringed instruments played in a
unique West Coast fashion, then come
 in and listen to the music of
Children of Celebrities.

You are guaranteed to get more than
 your money's worth, as there is no
cover charge at the Spiral.

*New Cd "Middle-Age Wasteland"
Available at Spiral $10.00
While Supplies Last


B a r l e y  W i k

Barley Wik has their own unique style and plays frequently to a packed house at the Spiral Cafe. Our advice is
come early to find a good seat.
It's hard to believe there is no cover charge
 to hear this quality of music.

You can order their demo with songs
Lady May, Bell Tower, Ten Pound Trout,
Triangle Mountain, Drunken Shame, Wolf
Their full length album is coming out at the end of April.


J e r e m y   F i s h e r

Jeremy Fisher is our own folk hero....You feel in
 his songs his love of the areas he has traveled.
There was a fellow a few years ago...a Bob
somebody who was pretty good....but we think he will someday take a back seat to Jeremy Fisher.
Jeremy recently did a bicycle tour from
 Coast to Coast to promote his CD.
If you want to know what some different places such as Marengo Saskatchewan feel like....
come hear him live or buy the CD....we did



J o h n   G o g o

If you are lucky enough to see John Gogo, you
will be entertained by the soothing melody and heart felt words of this passionate and  talented musician.
This  man makes you feel his songs.
 In the past six years, John has released
 two CD's, four music videos, and toured
 Canada several times.

It would be hard to leave without buying either
of his CD's Leave A Light On or It Never Fails.

Contact: John Gogo  (250) 592 - 7770


W a y n e  L u k u s

What do you want? Wayne Lukus will deliver from
 the heart. When you listen you know his heart and
 soul is into what he is creating. Wayne has his own
 repertoire of original songs as well as the ability to
 exquisitely perform  well known favorite hits from
 Folk/Rock and Roll musicians. He also performs
 original songs written by fellow members of his
 band The Buskerville Review.  This gives him a
 flare that is unusual even in Victoria. Want to
 know what Victoria sounds like? Come on down
 to the Spiral Cafe and hear Wayne perform.

To contact Wayne Lukus or to obtain the album
The Buskerville Review email Wayne at:

W e n d y  M c N e i l l

This young, incredibly talented
 Singer/Songwriter has an exceptionally
 excellent voice you will find hard to forget,
 and is a delight to hear whether she is
 playing one of her guitars or her accordion.
Her album What's Your Whiskey Baby
and her pre release for the upcoming album
Such a Common Bird
are must haves.

P.O. Box 35039 - 11229 Jasper Ave.
Edmonton AB T5K 0L0


T r i c k l e

Rock is here to stay.

Fine classic favorites,
 as well as, good original tunes ,
 well worth hearing

Their music conveys well, making
them a great listen.

I n  H e r   S w e e t  T i m e

Entertaining original folk tunes from this
 dynamic female duo, who are sometimes
 joined by guest musicians.

Their music conveys well,  making them
 a great listen.  


S t e v e  P a l m e r


Root Country sounds a little folksy....a little
 country and a lot easy to listen to.

Upbeat and happy for the most part this
music will bring back memories and create
 some new ones for anyone listening....We
 look forward to the CD release in July....Book
 Steve Palmer alone or  with his band by
calling (250) 360-1445


S a r a h  M e t z g e n e r


This talented young girl holds her
audience well because
she is well focused with plenty of original material.

Her surprisingly strong female voice
sings with conviction, and
 projects well from the stage. 

 Watch  for the CD expected
sometime in June 2003.

Local Artists are featured monthly on the walls at Spiral Cafe click here

More artists and more bands coming soon

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